Lash Resource

  • How to live above the line

    Probably one of my all time favorite video that I refer to often especially when feeling off, frustrated, unhappy.  It's a super short video but really nails down why sometime you may feel great and why some time you may not be really happy nor nice to be around... and how to identify it and chan... View Post
  • Practice the gift of giving

    When was the last time you sent your client a bunch of flowers? Or a thank you card with some beautiful handwritten words? When was the last time you bought them a beautiful candle or earrings for their birthday and gifted it to them when they came in for their next appointment? I know that the i... View Post
  • Why you shouldn't discount your lash services

    There, I said it.You shouldn’t discount your lash services! Even if you are new to the game, or maybe you’ve changed locations and you want to grow your clients back up. Discounting your lashing services is devaluing your work and teaching your clients to want more for less. Truth is, you work re... View Post