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  • DO THIS to attract your most perfect clients

    Your vibe attracts your tribe... I know you've heard this.  I want to ask you to hear it one more time with fresh ears. Truth is, your vibe absolutely attracts your tribe and it could be the very reason you are succeeding in business or barely keeping up. Your energy is your business card. It tel... View Post
  • How to handle difficult and picky clients

    I’ve noticed a lot more amazing lash artists asking for help and advice in regards to lash clients who are difficult or picky. And I’m so glad! To often we don’t speak up soon enough and then things become even more complicated. And girl, we ain’t got no time for that! So, I thought I would addre... View Post
  • Are you asking for reviews and testimonials?

    Ok ladies, here is something that just does not happen enough! But let me start by asking you some questions… When you want to buy a product or service for the first time - what do you do before you buy it? I’m going to take a lucky guess and say that you read some reviews, read some testimonials... View Post