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  • The main reasons why a customer will leave a business and how to prevent it

    Do you ever wonder what differentiates an average salon from a really successful one? Have you ever compared your business to other similar businesses and wonder what it is that makes them so successful? Is there something they’re doing that you could be doing? I know I do -- I’m obsessed with al... View Post
  • How to successfully reach your goal in 5 steps.

    On the eve of entering 2020 and a new decade, I have been seeing so many posts about being READY! Loads of people talking about ‘being ready.’ Being ready to start their own business; lose weight, be more committed to their family; Get out of debts. They are ready!!! And then... no one does anyth... View Post
  • DO THIS to attract your most perfect clients

    Your vibe attracts your tribe... I know you've heard this.  I want to ask you to hear it one more time with fresh ears. Truth is, your vibe absolutely attracts your tribe and it could be the very reason you are succeeding in business or barely keeping up. Your energy is your business card. It tel... View Post