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  • Why do lashes pop off?

    Have you ever had that dreaded phone call 2 days after your client’s had her lashes done to say most of her lashes have popped off? Sometimes you get lucky and she’s really nice about it but other times they are furious and you’re left feeling like you’re the worst person in the world! Well, let ... View Post
  • Your lash after care kit is LESS expensive than a Starbuck coffee

    Hear me out here. How often do you have your lash clients come in for their lash appointment only to leave WITHOUT the aftercare kit you’ve so thoughtfully and carefully put together? That many times huh? I get it. And I’m sure you get it too. Having your lashes done every 2 to 3 weeks is a finan... View Post
  • DIY Lash Shampoo, Are You Risking Too Much??

    Are you ready for a lawsuit or to pay thousands of dollars in customer compensation? Unfortunately, most small business owners and solo traders are completely unaware when they make their own lash cleansers at home that they actually become liable for the well being of their clients eye and eyel... View Post