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Your lash after care kit is LESS expensive than a Starbuck coffee

Your lash after care kit is LESS expensive than a Starbuck coffee - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Hear me out here.

How often do you have your lash clients come in for their lash appointment only to leave WITHOUT the aftercare kit you’ve so thoughtfully and carefully put together?

That many times huh?

I get it. And I’m sure you get it too.

Having your lashes done every 2 to 3 weeks is a financial commitment that most people make carefully. They make sure they have enough time and money put aside every 3 weeks to get their lashes looking fabulous again - and man do they look good once you’re done with them!

But wouldn’t it be nice if your amazing client would appreciate your hard work a little more? Perhaps by investing in a specially designed aftercare kit filled with products you swear by… Products that you KNOW are going to not only extend your client’s retention rate but also keep their eye area clean and less likely to have any serious infections…

I know it always makes me feel good when my clients buy the aftercare kit. I know they are serious about their lashes and I know the hours I spent making them lash QUEENS was not wasted.

So, why are so many clients saying no to the aftercare kits?

Let me guess - it’s too expensive.

They have some baby shampoo at home that does the trick, they don’t need a fancy care kit.

NOOOOOOO! Stop the sanity now! Lol

It hurts my heart when I hear about clients saying they make do with what they’ve got. And that’s where your Starbucks coffee comes in!

Sometimes when we are encouraging our clients to buy an aftercare kit that costs roughly $25 to $30 AFTER they’ve just paid you for their fab lashes, the price of the kit can be confronting.

So why not break down the costs of the kit to a daily amount?

Let me explain. Let’s take our 1.7oz LASHBATH cleanser for example. We suggest that you sell it for at a minimum $17.99 a bottle. That can seem like a lot at first, until you break it down to its daily cost.

A 1.7oz bottle lasts anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. Let’s say you sell the 1.7oz bottle for $17.99 and you give it a life span of 6 weeks - the cost of the LASHBATH cleanser just went from $17.99 to $0.43cents a day.

That LASHBATH cleanser just got a whole lot more affordable! In fact, it works out to be less than a cup of Starbucks coffee a day! How affordable is that?!

So, the next time you go to sell your aftercare kit to your client and she explains it’s too much for her, why not give her the daily cost of that kit and remind her that it’s less than a Starbucks coffee!

In fact, why not break down all your products and services into daily amounts and let your clients know that luxuries such has having your lashes done ARE affordable if you know how to budget for them daily ;).

Happy selling LASH QUEEN!

Love, MariePierre xo.

Ps.... Now if you're like me, you get your after care kit AND you go get your Starbucks looking badass with your lashes done. Hehehehe!


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