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Application Tips for Best Eyelash Extension Retention

Application Tips for Best Eyelash Extension Retention - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

There’s a myriad of reasons that could affect the longevity of eyelash extensions.

One of the reasons can be the lack of care on the client's part after the application.  As their lash stylist, you can help to optimize their longevity by following the tips below. This will help to ensure maximum eyelash retention, which translates to maximum happiness for your lovely clients:

Climate Control

Having eyelash extensions applied in a hot and humid environment could affect the longevity of your client's eyelashes. During application, use a hygrometer and humidifiers/dehumidifiers to carefully monitor the temperature inside the room during eyelash application and adjust accordingly.

Proper and Thorough Cleaning

To ensure a strong and long bond, make sure that you thoroughly clean the area before application. Use a lash cleanser and thoroughly rinse to remove any residue. Make sure that both the area and the lashes are clean. Products and oil tend to form a barrier that will prevent the eyelash from thoroughly bonding. 

Consider Priming

Clients with oily skin and hair types usually experience eyelash retention issues. If this is the case, priming the area before eyelash application is necessary as it helps remove residual oils and ensure longer lasting lashes. Saline is usually the most recommended priming solution.

Pick a Suitable Adhesive

In general, most adhesives will work well with 40-60 percent humidity. However during dry and humid seasons, use a low-humidity adhesive. In addition to humidity levels, consider checking the viscosity of your selected adhesive and make sure that it goes well with the type of eyelash extension that you’re applying. For instance, using thicker adhesives on volume fans tend to wick, clog and basically ruin the lashes.

Just the Right Amount of Adhesive

Remember, the first bond is best when it comes to applying eyelashes. Using too much adhesive will not help in achieving the best retention. If you apply too much adhesive, you'll either end up having to wipe the excess adhesive off the lash or "painting" the client's natural lash before placing.

How to Apply QUANTUM Lashes

When applying QUANTUM Lashes, try placing under the natural lash. This will give it the largest bond area. Simply said, QUANTUM Lashes are designed to last, that’s why they are a popular choice for Lash Stylists.

Aim to Work Fast

Eyelash extension application is not an easy feat and you will need to consider all the factors previously discussed.  Not to mention handling something as delicate as your client’s eyelashes. If you want to achieve the best results, you need to work as quickly as possible especially if you are working with a particularly fast-drying adhesive. Remember that the moment you dip and place the lash, the adhesive has already began curing.

So work quickly for best retention and longer lasting results.

Oh and don’t forget to share some after-care instructions with your client. This will ensure proper cleaning resulting in beautiful and healthy lashes.

Love lashing xo


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