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Are Pre-made Volume Lashes for Me?

Are Pre-made Volume Lashes for Me? - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES
Have you thought about offering Volume Lashes in your business but you’re not trained yet or think “I don’t even have the time to train in Volume Lashes”.  
Are you unsure if Pre-made Volume Lashes are actually for you and your business?  
Whether you are a Classic Lash Artist or Volume Lash Artist, QUANTUM Lashes may be a great product to add to your arsenal.


We all LOVE Classic Lashes and the look they give our clients. Have you ever had that Client that has asked for something a little more? You know, they just want them to be Fuller. QUANTUM Lashes are perfect for the Classic Lash Artist who hasn't had the chance to train in Russian Volume Lashes but would love to offer this look. One of the AMAZING benefits of QUANTUM Lashes is that there is no additional training required...YES,  simply offer these to your regular Classic Lash clients TODAY. You can just incorporate them into their usual fill  - one look and they'll be hooked!  QUANTUM Lashes bridge the gap between Classic and Russian Volume extensions by creating that WOW factor for your clients and allowing you to earn more from your existing clients today!  


Clients can be late and a little unpredictable. We all know that feeling when you are booked back-to-back and spend the day chasing the clock.  QUANTUM Lashes will give you that time back and create a little bit of breathing space. You can easily incorporate them into your Russian Volume sets if your client shows up late, makeup removal takes twice as long or they haven't been able to look after their lashes which have caused poor retention. QUANTUM Lashes bridge the gap between Classic and Russian Volume by giving you the chance to complete a full Volume service at full Volume cost to your client when time is of the essence.


QUANTUM Lashes are the ideal choice for your client who wants the fullest look possible, but cannot or does not wish to lie still for extended periods of time. Sometimes, a long-term Classic client doesn’t see the value in time or cost of Russian Volume Lashes.  QUANTUM Lashes bridge the gap between Classic and Russian Volume Lashes by providing an advanced service at a slight price increase to the client. The amazing thing is that this can be  completed in the same time as a Classic appointment.

Don’t get us wrong….We are by no means suggesting that Pre-made Volume Lashes replace or compete with handmade Russian Volume, however there are many situations where they are the perfect tool to have in your Lash repertoire.   If you are interested in trying QUANTUM Lashes, check out our multi-length trays.


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