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Are you asking for reviews and testimonials?

Are you asking for reviews and testimonials? - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Ok ladies, here is something that just does not happen enough!

But let me start by asking you some questions…

When you want to buy a product or service for the first time - what do you do before you buy it?

I’m going to take a lucky guess and say that you read some reviews, read some testimonials, look at the comments or ask someone who’s already purchased to tell you more about it…

Most people, like yourself, want to know that the product or service they are buying comes with some sort of guarantee.

People want to know that there is good feedback around the product or service. They want to see photos and people expressing their love for that product or service!

So, here’s another question for you

How often are you asking your clients for reviews and testimonials? Both for your services AND any products you sell…

How often are you asking them to send you a selfie or to post a picture on social media and tag you?

And when clients ARE sending you testimonials, how committed are you to bragging and sharing every single one?

Because the truth is, all new clients want assurance that you are AMAZING at what you do! That your service and product is going to deliver phenomenal results for them and that they can feel safe to part with their money and give it to you.

Now, I KNOW that you are amazing at what you do and I KNOW that you stock only the best supplies and products for you clients. And I know that you know this too. But why should any new client believe you or me?

They don’t know either of us from a bar of soap so why should they trust what WE know? 

That’s why it pays to be on top of your reviews and testimonials. And I actually mean it pays! New clients are more willing to hand over money when they can see proof that you’re as amazing as we already know you are.

But proof from people who aren’t you or me...

So, how can you get more reviews and testimonials? Ask for them.

When you finish each appointment and your client has confirmed they love their lashes, ask them if they wouldn’t mind taking a selfie and tagging you. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind sharing a review so that you could let all new clients know about your services.

If you check in with your clients in-between appointments (highly recommended) and your clients are still raving about your work or product, ask them if they wouldn’t mind writing a review or testimonial on your social media accounts.

Never be afraid to ask for reviews or testimonials! If your client loves your work, more often than not they are going to want to support you - so ask.

And when you do ask for reviews or testimonials - give your clients clear and simple instructions, otherwise it becomes to complicated and time consuming for them.

Tell them ONE place they can leave a review/testimonial. Or ask them JUST to post a selfie and tag you. If you ask them to do all the things at the same time they will more than likely not do it.

So go on! Build your reputation and bring in more clients. Just ask, it’s free!

Love,  MariePierre xo


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