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Comparison Takes Your Power Away

Comparison Takes Your Power Away - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Do you ever compare yourself to someone else and feel like crap about it?

This usually happens when you're not having such a great day and you're feeling challenged...

We obsess over these successful people and think,

Why can't I be like them?

Why can't I have all the things?

I know personally I'm really good at making myself feel inadequate. I struggle with the pattern and I am constantly working on it to break it.

The thing is, you can't measure yourself to other people. You are here to follow your very own path.

It's so easy with all the social media these days, to look at everyone's life and start comparing with how mediocre yours may feel.

Remember these successful people are only showing a very small portion of their lives. NO ONE has a perfect life no one has a challenge free life.

The perfect life, the life without challenges is impossible! It does not exist. Everyone is struggling with something.


Only compare yourself to yourself.

Have a clear plan on how grow and use other people success to inspire you.

Because if they can do it so can you!!

And please don't forget to acknowledge your success and how far you've come.


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