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DIY Lash Shampoo, Are You Risking Too Much??

DIY Lash Shampoo, Are You Risking Too Much?? - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Are you ready for a lawsuit or to pay thousands of dollars in customer compensation?

Unfortunately, most small business owners and solo traders are completely unaware when they make their own lash cleansers at home that they actually become liable for the well being of their clients eye and eyelash health.

Yep. It’s a biggy.

Did you know that legally, if you mix up a concoction at home and resell it to your customers, you become what the law considers a manufacturer.

As a manufacturer, you are required to have a manufacturing license AND insurance. Have you looked up the pricing for a manufacturers licence and insurance? It’s not small change.

You are also required to follow packaging laws such as including labels with all ingredients listed.

Additionally the facilities where the product is manufactured, AKA lash shampoo, must also follow US law sanitation guidelines. Is your kitchen compliant with all that?  

Once you are a ‘manufacturer’ in the eyes of the law, you become 100% liable for any problems that arise with your clients using your DIY lash cleansers.

Scary stuff.

Play it safe. Buy professional lash cleansers that have the necessary insurance and license to produce these products.

Not to mention, the quality of their lash cleansers are designed and promoted to extend lash retention and protect the delicate eye area in the process, something baby shampoo mixture does not.

That’s why LASHBATH Hibiscus Rose was created.

LASHBATH by Architects & Fairies was designed by a lash tech for other lash techs. It was made with you AND the wellbeing of your clients in mind.

Check out LASHBATH.


Denise Vermeulen

I love LASHBATH! It’s affordable, your clients need this for aftercare!
Don’t miss the opportunity to retail. It’s money without effort.

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