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How is YOUR 2019 going to be different?

How is YOUR 2019 going to be different? - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Seems like a pretty straightforward question.

How is your 2019 going to be different?

You might say things like I’m going to have more clients or make more money.

Or maybe you’re going to focus on eating healthy and exercising more…

But this isn’t that kind of question.

I like to look at my past year and see what worked for me.

And then I like to look at what didn’t work for me.

Then, I look at what I would do differently.

If something has been really working for me, do I keep doing it the same or is there a way to amp it up even more?

And if I’ve tried something 5 different ways and it never did what I needed it to do, do I try it ANOTHER way or is it time to just let it go?

Is it time to try something different?

I like asking this question because it helps me to consistently get better results, but it also means I get to look back and acknowledge all the cool things I’ve done!

Like when I started Architects & Fairies back in September 2017.

I had no plans of starting Bare Edition and becoming a wholesaler, but when I looked at what was working and what wasn’t working I saw that small lash businesses not only wanted to have their have their own retail range without having to buy them in mass quantities, and they also wanted a truly exceptional cleanser THAT DIDN’T STING THE EYES.

So, I did something different I develop a truly amazing cleanser and created Bare Edition.

And I get to celebrate something so special to me every day, something that is getting bigger and better all the time!

What has worked for you in your business this past year? How can you make it bigger and better in 2019?

And what hasn’t worked so good for you in 2018? Is it time to let it go and try something different? 


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