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How to build YOUR BRAND and look like a pro

How to build YOUR BRAND and look like a pro - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

I’m pretty sure that everyone in America knows Apple, Facebook, Starbucks.

All these companies have one thing in common, they have done an amazing job at creating a brand that is strongly recognizable.

Imagine if Steve Jobs didn’t focus on building the Apple brand though?

What if instead of selling an innovative and creative brand, he sold computers and phones like everyone else?

Imagine there was no ‘i’ before all of the incredible Apple products?

Who would Apple be?

Just another technology company that sells computers and phones like all the other technology companies floating around.

What Steve Jobs and Apple teach us about business, is that branding matters!

Having a product with our business name or logo matters.

There is power behind branding and there is power behind establishing yourself as an industry expert by HAVING your own brand of retail products.

Want your business to stand out from all the other lash artists flooding the industry?

Want to charge more for your services, have your clients raving about you and returning with friends?

It’s actually simpler than you might think...

Just like Steve Jobs did with Apple, put your name or your business name to something that people can buy.

Have your own retail range of products all with your logo on them.

Why have a retail range in the Lash industry?

  1. It shows your clients that you are an established business (even if you aren’t yet) and gives them the piece of mind that you MUST be good if you have your own products
  2. It gives you a second stream of income and profits
  3. Your clients will trust you, respect you, value your hard work and listen to you
  4. It allows you to give your clients a FULL professional experience where they are taken care of from start to finish and then when they leave to go home
  5. It’s a cheeky little bonus ‘advertising’ because every time they use your product, they’ll think of you and it may be the reason they book in again
  6. It gives you a reason to contact your clients after they have purchased your products to make sure everything is working and that they are happy with the item - the more you speak with your clients the more likely they are to book return appointments

While you may not have the backing of Steve Jobs and Apple to get your own retail label off the floor, you do have the backing, support and experience of Architects & Fairies.

A company that wants to see you succeed and is actually doing everything it can to make your dreams of growing a successful and profitable business come to life!

Don’t have the funds to purchase a minimum of 5000 quantities of one item? You don’t need it!

Don’t have the storage space to hold all the large quantities of products? You don’t need it!

Don’t have the time to research and request samples of all the different products? You don’t need it!

Think of how Architects & Fairies can do for you what Steve Jobs did for Apple.

Get you recognized, respected and making more money!

PLUS, we’ll do all the work and organize everything for you!

We can even let you buy smaller quantities (as little as 20 items with each wholesale order)!

All you need to do is print off your logo and stick them on all of the products that you can buy wholesale from Architects and Fairies.

Want to be the Apple of the lash industry?

Don’t wait for all the other lash artists to do it first, be one of the first lash businesses to stock their own retail range and start benefiting from it RIGHT NOW!

Head to www.architectsandfairies/bare-edition to view the complete wholesale range.

For label printing websites, head to or just to name a couple! We also offer full printing service if you prefer that option.

Be like the Apple brand of lashes and watch your business become everything you want it to be AND MORE.


Anniesha McDonald

Love all of your blogs and advice. Starting a new lash business can be frustrating but your blogs make it easier. You are very relatable.

Elidia Salhi

I’m opening a salon on oct 12 lash and make up this is my first tome being a business owner and I need all the help I can get

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