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How to successfully reach your goal in 5 steps.

How to successfully reach your goal in 5 steps. - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

On the eve of entering 2020 and a new decade, I have been seeing so many posts about being READY!

Loads of people talking about ‘being ready.’ Being ready to start their own business; lose weight, be more committed to their family; Get out of debts. They are ready!!!

And then... no one does anything about it. 

This stuff triggers me. And that is why I wanted to write about it.

Nothing in life happens or changes until someone says they’re ready and  they really mean it.  

So what happens?! Why aren’t we taking concrete action towards whatever goal we want to achieve??

For some it’s fear, and that’s a whole other conversation, but for most it’s the lack of knowing how to get to their goals.

Most people see a big goal.  And that’s it! They do not know how to get to the goal and in the end it’s really overwhelming and nothing gets done.

I am going to share with you something that has served me tremendously and that I continue to apply every time I want to achieve something or have a new goal or a new project.

It’s actually pretty straightforward and I use this formula personally daily. 

1. Write down your BIG goals and dreams at the top of the page and pick one that you think would be most impactful to work on first. It can be any kind of goal - career; finance; health, whatever you want. Think what would be most impactful to work on first.

2.  Once you have picked the goal it’s now time to set a deadline - date and time - that you WILL be achieving this goal. (If you set a deadline for when you WANT to achieve the goal you’re already setting a shaky intention - make sure you commit to actually doing everything you can TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!) You may change the deadline but it’s important to set one to create a sense of realness.

3. Now that you have your ONE goal, start writing down everything that comes to your mind that you would need to do to achieve this goal.  It can be broken down into as many steps as you’d like. I personally find the more small steps I create the more achievable and clear it becomes. These will become your stepping stones. It means your goal becomes more achievable and less overwhelming.

For example, if your goal is to open a lash studio in the next 12 months, then write down all the things/steps you will need to do to get there. Research ideal neighborhood, look into cost of rent; size of the space you will need, figure out utilities…. EVERYTHING you can possibly think of. Things can always be added to your list but be as thorough as possible.

4.  Prioritize your list and go into massive planning mode. 

 5. Now all you have to do is complete one thing from your list everyday that will bring you closer to your goal and eventually you’ll achieve your goal. 

And for each step you complete make sure to acknowledge and congratulate yourself.

    You’ll no longer be ready. YOU’LL BE THERE!!

    In whatever period of time you have set, you will  have ACHIEVED a BIG goal or dream that you’ve been sitting on for the last 5 to 10 years. 

    The beauty of this tip is that you can adapt it to fit into your life. You might need to work on your goal over 2 years, and that’s ok. Or, you might want to achieve it in 6 months and put 2 small steps for every day - and that’s ok too!

    However you work this system is up to you, the point is to stop being ready and start taking some strategic action towards your goals and dreams!

    I use this tip to achieve EVERYTHING! 

    When I first was doing the legwork and research to bring LASHBATH Rose hibiscus to life 18 months ago, my BIG GOAL was to have black+gold and white+gold bottles for that luxury look.

    But as hard as I tried and as long as I worked with all the manufactures, I couldn’t find the right materials to make these luxury bottles without compromising the quality of the product.

    So, I decided to launch LASHBATH with a high quality white bottle that still looked great and was ready to go.

    And what a GREAT success it was!

    But on my BIG goal list was still the step - source high quality black+gold and white+gold bottles for that luxury look.

    I never gave up on that goal. I had a very specific look in mind that I wanted my clients to have access to.

    Every day I would add this goal to my to-do list, and every day I would do what I could to make it happen.

    18 months later and I FINALLY found the perfect combination of luxury looking bottles that will ENHANCE the quality of the product AND I got my black+gold and white+gold bottles!

    Because I made an action plan to achieve my goal and made it super easy to follow and complete, I was able to NEVER GIVE UP and now those sexy bottles are launching in January 2020 - and I can’t wait!

    So, if you’ve been saying I’m ready and nothing has been happening, now you know what to do! So get busy.

    And I’d love to hear what BIG goal or dream you're going after first!

    Love, MariePierre xo


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