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How to WOO your clients in the Lash Room

How to WOO your clients in the Lash Room - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Having your lashes done is intimate work.

Your face is inches away from another woman’s face for hours at a time.

Then, there’s also the part where your client is putting themselves in a vulnerable position as they lay there helplessly, trusting you with their eyes and their lashes.

In those hours you share together a lot of personal information is shared. It’s impossible NOT to get to know the woman (or man) laying before you when you have hours of quiet time ahead.

So, how can you make this intimate experience even more memorable for your client?

How can you create an atmosphere that has them excited to keep coming back and tell all their lash obsessed friends about you?

Ignite their senses, that’s how.

Just because a client is coming in for lashes doesn’t mean you can’t give all their senses a fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience.

What I mean by this is set the mood. Light a scented candle. Use essential oils in a burner to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Dim the room lights and use specialized lamps for your lashing work.

Play soft, soothing music. Music that allows your client to relax and get comfortable. It also means they wriggle less, which means you can get your work done faster.

If you have a bed or recliner chair that your client lies on, why not add a luscious throw blanket on it so they can sink into it. Put some pretty but comfy cushions under their arms so that they can feel like they are both floating and sinking into luxury all at once.

Before you start lashing, why not rub some soothing oils like lavender into your client’s hands, ask them to rub them together, bring them up to their mouth and nose and inhale deeply for a few seconds. Just while you are setting up and they are getting comfortable.

You can even tell them that you want them to feel the most relaxed they have felt in a really long time. I have a feeling they’ll really appreciate this. 

When you speak to them, used hushed and soothing tones. Keep them relaxed and calm.

Lashing is serious business and it’s hard work. We can often make it harder for ourselves by keeping the client’s senses on alert with bright lights, loud music and uncomfortable beds.

When you set the mood and focus on activating all your clients sense with all things relaxing, not only are you giving them the ultimate experience that they will brag about, but you are helping them to settle and move around less so that you can do your work more efficiently.

If you go to all this effort to relax them AND make them feel a million bucks with their lashes, how do you think they will feel when they leave your space? They’ll probably leave eager to come back soon rather than later I’d say.

Oh and don't forget to reward them by offering a loyalty program.

At our salon we give our clients 20% on their 5th fill. Sometimes out of the blue, we also throw in complimentary a FLUTTER WAND, or include a PLUMP IT lip mask treatment during their lash appointment. It's the little that will make your clients feel really special!

Woo your clients in the lash room. Woo them with luxury, relaxation, appreciation and fabulous lashes.


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