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Is Posting Personal Stuff On Social Media Business Page OK?

Is Posting Personal Stuff On Social Media Business Page OK? - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

I came across a post on a lash board recently that triggered intense conversation.

The post was whether or not sharing personal stuff on your social media account was ok .

I found the conversations interesting and it got me thinking.

Is sharing the occasional selfie, picture with your family, walk on the beach or vacation picture cool or is it a distraction and unprofessional? Is using the occasional F word OK or a big no no?

The person writing the post was explaining, If I'm following a lash business on my business account, it's because I don't like to see personal posts and I am only interested in the professional aspect of their account. If I wanted to see personal things, I'd follow their personal IG from MY personal account.

There were loads of comments left on the post, ranging from agreeing with her to not and everything in between.

The myriads of opinions gave a valuable insight.

There's no right or wrong and it all comes down to who you are.

Whether it is sharing personal stuff or not, keeping it strictly business or not and for some even using the F word.

If you do what feels right to you then you will naturally attract the right kind of clients who appreciate who you are and what you post.

There are so many types of people out there and by being yourself you will attract the kinds of clients that will relate to you and love you for who you are.

Staying true to who you are needs to come through in your business.

Do what feels good - you can’t go wrong.


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