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It's OK not to be OK


I want to get a little personal with you for a minute.

I want to share with you something my daughter Serena taught me.

I consider myself a very happy person. I journal everyday to acknowledge my blessings. I try to come from a place of gratitude always.

The other week I had a mini break down. I had just gone through some highly emotional and draining events and no matter what I did I felt stranded in a not so pleasant part of my soul.  It was dark and I felt so stuck

One day, I arrived at my office, opened the door, and noticed that a box was not put away. Low and behold I completely lost my shit, crying and complaining about how everything was never done correctly and how no one was doing their job… on and on and on.

I was feeling sad, unhappy and unsatisfied and that box just threw me over the edge.

I was falling apart in front of my daughter over something so little and so stupid.

I turned around and saw Serena and I felt even worse. Sobbing, I said, ‘I AM SO SORRY. I know my behavior is so ridiculous right now. I have the best team and an amazing business, who am I to loose it over a stupid box?!’

Serena who was just standing there not really knowing what was going on LOL, looked at me and said: ‘Mommy do you want a hug?’ And as I felt her arm wrap around my shoulder, she said, ‘it’s ok to not be ok. It’s ok to have bad days or get angry and frustrated sometimes. It’s ok to have a cry every now and then.’

She is right.

We always try to show the world the best parts of our lives. We are always trying so hard to be and stay positive all the time that we never give ourselves a chance to actually feel what we need to feel.

It’s like feeling bad, or sad, or emotional makes us weak or not good enough.

But it’s not true.

It’s OK to give yourself permission to feel less than great. It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to need a moment to cry and let all your frustrations out - running a business easy. It can actually be overwhelming and really hard sometimes.

If you feel like you’re having a tough time or feeling sensitive and emotional - don’t try to keep it in and pretend like it’s all going to be OK. When you do that you let all the emotions build up and then they turn into a massive breakdown (usually at the most inappropriate time).

When you give yourself permission to feel sad or have a cry in the moment, you usually feel a little better afterwards. Sometimes, you even come up with a positive solution to your problem or you’re able to find your motivation and determination again.

Remember, you’re human - not perfect. Nobody’s perfect.

So if you’re feeling down, please know, it’s OK to not be OK.



Thank you for this post! I’m new to the lash industry. I started lashing in April of 2018. And jumped out on faith and opened up my own studio in November 2018. So far this has not been easy. I’ve had more bad days then good. I’ve cried more than smiled. I feel more stress then ever. But I’m determined to make my business and dream come true. Thank you for giving me that extra push and motivation to know that I’m not alone. And it’s ok not to be ok sometimes. I just have to fight through and put my big girl panties on.

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