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Learning does not equate to knowing

Learning does not equate to knowing - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Learning does not equate to knowing, integrating and LIVING what we learn does.

Here’s something I found really interesting and I wanted to share it with you.

There is a difference between consuming information and integrating it.

Consuming information means learning new things, hearing new ideas, reading content online and finding things interesting.

Just because we consume information it doesn’t mean that information will change our lives - even if the information we consume is really fascinating and could totally change our lives and business!!

Nope, in order for information to change our lives and businesses we need to INTEGRATE it!

But what does that even mean?!

It means we need to take that piece of information and look at how we can incorporate it into our life and business.

Where can we change something we already do that might not be working for us?

What is something different we can do that will help us use the information we learnt to really change our lives and businesses.

Integration is about changing and upgrading our thoughts and beliefs.

When we train ourselves to do something different, or create a new habit, maybe even cut something out completely - then the information we have consumed becomes integrated and we have impacted our lives.

The only way you can integrate is by actually DOING something about it!

If you learn that you can build up your repeat clientele and make more money by following up with every customer after each appointment - you need to actually put a system in place that reminds you to message every client 3 days after their appointment.

That is integrating what you learn and allowing it to make your life and business better!

If you don’t, and you continue to never follow up on your clients, then you simply consumed some information.

If we only ever consume information then nothing in our lives or business will ever change!

We need to take action and actually DO something about it. We need to practice a new thought pattern or form new habits by repeating something new over and over again until it becomes second nature.

If we really want to grow our business and have better lives then we need to start making changes NOW.

What’s one piece of information that you want to integrate in your life and/or business? How are you going to make those changes?


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