Mistakes are beneficial to business and here's why

Have you ever made a mistake with your customers?

I know I have.

You’ve made an accidental mix-up with their appointment day and time, or you’ve not quite given them the length or volume they were hoping for.

Or maybe you wanted to send them home with a special aftercare kit and then left out the most important part of the kit - the cleanser.

Maybe you said the wrong thing by accident and made them feel uneasy.

And then there’s that time you packed away the wrong retail product and they didn’t take home what they paid for.

Whatever it is I just want to reassure you that it’s OK.

Mistakes are part of being human. And if we take the time to own up to them and correct them, we can often come up with a solution to benefit both the customer and ourselves.

Mistakes are not all bad. If you take the time to really think about it, you could probably come up with a lesson to be learned with every mistake you’ve ever made. And if you take the time to learn from every mistake it actually helps you to become the best person and business person you can be!!

In fact, mistakes are necessary and so powerful!

We should celebrate them!

Isn’t that a much nicer way of thinking of all the mistakes we have made along the way?

My favorite thing about making a mistake is that in the end they really do give you an opportunity to shine by making things right.

Think back to a time you made a mistake with a customer…

How did you feel? How did THEY feel?

Not real good, right?

Now think about how you went about fixing the mistake.

Did you shrug it off and make it out like it wasn’t your fault? I bet that didn’t feel too good.

Maybe you decided to own up to the human error, apologize for the mistake and come up with a solution then and there to make it all better?

I bet that felt a whole heap nicer!!

I’m hoping you’ll let me share my experience of making mistakes with my own customers.

I truly believe that it’s never about doing it on purpose, it really is a human error.

Maybe we’re rushed off our feet, or super tired from a huge week or maybe we were just trying to do too many things at the same time.

Mistakes happen.

But here is a real life example of what I do when I make a mistake with my online customers:

Every now and then I will receive an email from my clients telling me they have received the wrong items. Them receiving the wrong order is my fault because I shipped the wrong items.

So for me, I want to take this opportunity to own up to the mistake I made and I want to make them feel special and heard.

I want to let them know that I really am sorry for the inconvenience and that I know they were waiting for this item and now they have to wait even longer.

I want to let them know their business is important to me and that I really am here to make things right and to make them happy.

Customer satisfaction is what customer service is all about, right?

So what I normally do after receiving these emails is apologize and say, ‘We’re very sorry about the mess up. We will ship the correct item first thing tomorrow and there’s no need to return your items, it's on us. And by the way, do you need overnight shipping or will priority shipping work for you?’

You would think after receiving the wrong lash supplies they would be so mad, instead they can't believe it and are completely blown away by the level of service given despite us messing up their order.

It’s amazing what can happen when we consider mistakes to be an opportunity to do something good.

When we think this way it really allows us to level up our customer service. It really allows us to make every client and customer feel like a million bucks - even when we make mistakes!

What are some ways you go out of your way to make sure your mistakes are corrected and that your customers are left feeling happy and satisfied?


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