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My results after using WHIPLASH Growth Serum

My results after using WHIPLASH Growth Serum - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Ladies look at my eyelashes!!!! 

Holy molly right!?!

I have been using our new WHIPLASH growth serum for 12 days and I am in awe of the result.

A little bit of background story here. I AM LASH OBSESSED like no one else I swear!! I had been an avid Latisse user basically since the day it came out. 

I loved Latisse (noticed the past tense hehehe), because it gave me banging lashes. 
However, there’s also so many things I disliked about it.


👎🏼 EXPENSIVE ($180 a bottle)
👎🏼 A prescription is required to get it
👎🏼 It can change your eye color (big concern for the light eyed beauties)
👎🏼 It can turn your eyelid color to a faint purple (which it had done to me)
👎🏼 Some people get highly irritated and can’t use
👎🏼 You can’t retail Latisse in your salon

So while using Latisse, I tried many other serums in hopes of finding a better product. 
A serum not only really safe and easy to get while getting amazing results, but that I could retail to my clients at our salon. 

Sadly, nothing ever compared to Latisse… I tried many other products.
Within 72 hours of using something other than Latisse I could actually notice my lashes regressing, and slowly reverting to being weaker and shorter.
It never failed!

(UNTIL NOW — read on).

After many months of extensive research, I finally found THE PERFECT Lash and brow growth serum that would fulfill all my requirements!!!!!

 Hormone free
 No RX required
 No irritantes
 Will not change your eye color
 25% growth increase as little as 15 days
 Excellent retail at your salon
Amazing for lash rehab
 Available wholesale

BOOM!!!! WHIPLASH was born. So here I am today, stepping out of my comfort zone with a real life, up close selfie.

(Yes I did airbrush my skin LOL)

Obviously I’m wearing mascara, but my lashes have never looked like this even with mascara on!!! I just needed to show you all. 

My excitement is real my lash queens! Here’s a product you can retail to your clients with the option to have your own logo! A product that will give you and your clients amazing lashes!!

I am also attaching a PDF info pack. This info was directly taken from the lab study. This is also available for download on our website on the product page.

Here’s to you, and FABULOUS LASHES!

Do you have any questions about WHIPLASH or about private label?

GET IN TOUCH or click HERE to view product


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