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Practice the gift of giving

Practice the gift of giving - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

When was the last time you sent your client a bunch of flowers? Or a thank you card with some beautiful handwritten words?

When was the last time you bought them a beautiful candle or earrings for their birthday and gifted it to them when they came in for their next appointment?

I know that the initial thought is, I’m in business to make money not give it away, but let’s look at why gifting your clients actually makes you more money.

Firstly, I will say that this doesn’t have to be something you do straight away. It can be something you reserve for loyal clients who have been with you for a while.

It’s always a special treat and a real surprise and delight when a client receives an unexpected gift. There is a chemical reaction in their body and happy hormones are released

All of a sudden they can’t stop smiling. They feel seen, appreciated and so happy! Thanks to your unexpected gift they now have even more of an emotional attachment to you as their lash artist. Now they WANT to spend more time with you.

Which could mean more frequent appointments.

It also means they want to tell everyone about you because not only are you the most amazing lash artist, but you are the most amazing human being! You are so thoughtful and loving!! 

You’ll likely start seeing selfies and online posts about their amazing lash artist who took the time to really care about them. Oh my. All this beautiful attention just for you because you took some time out to surprise your client with a gift!!

You must feel soooo amazing. 

So now, she feels like a million bucks and YOU feel like a million bucks because she can’t thank you enough and all of a sudden people are telling you they love your vibe - you’re so happy!

And this beautiful ripple effect is created. Because you gifted your client with a surprise.

There is power in kindness. It’s not just the ripple effect it creates for you and your business but the energy it creates for you and your business. People want to surround themselves with people who make them feel good.

If you’re in the business of making people feel good then you’re in a very successful business! So don’t overlook the power of a gift

And if you’re concerned about the money to start off with, why not start off with something small. A thank you card is a low cost gift. A single rose is a low cost gift. Costume jewelry that is fun and bright is a low cost gift.

It doesn’t have to be expensive it just has to come from a place of genuine love and appreciation for your client. 

So, go on. Embody Santa and get your gift giving on!


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