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Premade Volume Lashes Vs. Cluster Lashes: A Comparison

Premade Volume Lashes Vs. Cluster Lashes: A Comparison - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES
Ok Let’s chat about the differences in Clusters and Pre-Made Volume Fans….Have you ever thought? Hmmmm….what really is the difference between the two?

For starters, Clusters and their adhesive can be purchased and applied by ANYONE…..  They require no training or particular skill to apply and can be purchased at Retail Outlets..

Pre-Made Volume Fans are a professional product and need to be applied only by a certified eyelash extension technician and licensed cosmetologist.


Clusters are only meant to be worn for short period of time as their heavy weight will end up causing damage if worn for extended period of time. Your client might chose to wear them for an event or upto 48 hours.

Cluster lashes are applied directly to the lash-line and they rest on multiple lashes at once.  When they are applied correctly using the temporary adhesive, there should be no damage to the natural lashes.  If you apply the Clusters with professional eyelash extension adhesive this will stop the proper lash growth and also cause discomfort and damage over time. This is NOT what you want!

When you apply the Pre-made Volume fans, they get applied directly to an individual natural eyelash. By using this safe application of the fans, none of the natural lashes will be stuck together which means NO discomfort or damage to your Client!!! Amazing!


As you know, clusters are heavy! They can have up to ten thick synthetic strands which are  bound at the base by either adhesive or a knot. Applying the Clusters incorrectly can cause premature shedding and long-term damage if they’re worn for a long time. (No one EVER wants that look )

What we love about our Quantum the Pre-made Volume Lashes is that they are ultra-fine. The synthetic strands are between 0.05mm and 0.07mm which make them perfect to use for Volume or Hybrid sets.  Our Quantum Pre-made Volume Lashes are bonded together by heat, which means that there is no extra weight added to the strands by extra adhesive. You may have used some Pre-made Volume Lashes that have a small amount of adhesive holding the strands together.   

So, When it comes to Semi-Permanent Lashes…..Which one do YOU use?

Clusters do have their place for temporary use...BUT there is truly no comparison between Clusters & Pre-made Volume Fans when it comes to Semi-Permanent Lashes.
Love lashing xo


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