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Say goodbye to last minute cancellations

Say goodbye to last minute cancellations - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

So many of us lash artists and salon owners  are struggling with last minute cancellations and it really hurts the business - and your morale.

I know I was there!

Clients don’t realize this but when they cancel last minute, it never gives you enough time to book in another client to take their spot.

You’ve already organized your whole day around your appointments, your set up, ready to go and then you get that dreaded message 5 minutes before their arrival time.

“Hey, so sorry, I won’t be able to make it, blah, blah, blah.”

So frustrating!

You’ve reserved a spot for them, which means no one else is able to book in for that time and now you won’t get paid at all for that allocated appointment!

What a waste of time.


What if there was an easy solution to your frustrations.

Imagine getting the message 7 minutes and 34 seconds before your client is meant to arrive...

She can no longer make that appointment…

No problem.

No need to feel frustration anymore because now you can actually take a break without feeling the loss of income too much.

Instead of feeling angry and annoyed for the rest of your day, you pack up your equipment and get yourself a latte before your next appointment.

Sigh. Life is pretty good.

You might be thinking this sounds impossible BUT you can actually achieve this ideal outcome with a lot more ease then you might think.

How, you ask?

It’s called taking deposits.

NON-REFUNDABLE booking deposits.

Non-refundable booking deposits paid upfront and BEFORE the appointment time is confirmed.

Ooohh, snap!

Make it a requirement that your clients pay a 25% (Or 50%  - it’s really up to you, there are no rules) non-refundable booking deposit before you confirm their appointment.

Then, let them know that when they come in for their appointment, the deposit goes towards their total balance.

For serious clients, this is not a problem for them because they value and respect your time.

For clients who refuse to pay the deposit, just remember that this is their way of showing you that they don’t really appreciate what nor do they respect your time.

If a client says NO to a deposit, you might consider saying goodbye to them - you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

When you introduce booking deposits, more clients will make the effort to show up and if they don’t, you still get paid - and paid for doing nothing - woohoo!

You get to sit back and enjoy the benefits of a booking deposit life…

Go get your nails done girl, it’s on the client who didn’t show up.

When you explain to your clients that the booking deposit is to secure their appointment time and it’s also to protect your time and to avoid last minute cancellations, your clients will start to appreciate you as a serious business woman and not only the fabulous lash babe that you are.

It’s a total win-win!


Marie-Pierre xo

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