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The EASY way to make more money in your business

The EASY way to make more money in your business - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

The EASY way to make more money in your business is to have your customers coming back!

As business owners we can spend up to 10 times MORE on trying to bring in new clients whereas, if we can have our current customers coming back - we are able to increase our revenue for FREE!

How good does that sound?

The best part is, it’s EASY to do because you already have a relationship with your current clients.

There are 3 main ways to have your clients coming back:

ONE: Once you have finished your client’s lashes, ASK them if they want to book in for their infills today so that they can stay on top of keeping their lashes looking fabulous.

If they say yes to re-booking, make sure to put a reminder for yourself to confirm their appointment a couple of days beforehand.

If they say no, let them know it’s ok and ASK them if it’s ok to send them a reminder message to book in for refills a week before they’re due.

TWO: Two weeks after your clients appointment send them a message or give them a call to check in on how their lashes are doing.

This makes them feel cared about and when people feel cared about - THEY WANT TO COME BACK!

If things are going well with their lashes, you can subtly remind them that if they want to keep them fresh, feel free to book in for infills within the next week or so. It doesn’t always have to be sell, sell, sell!!

Often, having a conversation and casually mentioning infills is enough to have your clients booking in again.

THREE: If you haven’t seen your client in a while, it might be worth reaching out and letting them know that you are thinking of them.

Send them a message or an email letting them know that you were thinking about them earlier and wanted to check in and see how life was going for them. If you can include something specific about what was happening in their life the last time you saw them, this will help them to feel really special!

For example, if they mentioned being a bridesmaid at their best friends upcoming wedding, make sure to ask how the wedding was and does she have a photo she could show you…

When you haven’t seen your client in months, even a year, it’s important that you don’t go in for a hard sell.

Don’t mention how long it’s been or ask them if they want to book in an appointment today - it will come across as really insincere.

It’s really about rekindling your relationship with them and letting them know that they are valued and cared about.

Sometimes you still don’t hear back from them - and that’s ok - but sometimes they realize how much they miss you and your amazing abilities and decide to book in to see you next week!

Either way, a successful business is always built on strong relationships with your customers - so start building!

These are only 3 of the MAIN ways to have your customers coming back, have you got any other suggestions of how to have your customer coming back?

We love hearing new ideas!

And if you have any questions on this topic, be sure to reply or comment and I’d be happy to help you further!

Now, go get busy bringing your customer back and making FREE and EASY money in your business!


Marie-Pierre xo


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