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DO THIS to attract your most perfect clients

DO THIS to attract your most perfect clients - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Your vibe attracts your tribe... I know you've heard this.

 I want to ask you to hear it one more time with fresh ears.

Truth is, your vibe absolutely attracts your tribe and it could be the very reason you are succeeding in business or barely keeping up.

Your energy is your business card. It tells people who you are, how much you value your skills and appreciate your clients. It tells people what matters most to you and what you won't tolerate.

Your vibe is literally your mating call to attract like-minded clients who are going to fill your heart with so much joy and your bank account with so many dollars!

When you are feeling good about yourself, your business and the service you provide - your energy will radiate out and people who value skills and service will naturally gravitate towards you and beg you to take their money.

When you are confident in who you are, what you’re about, and how you live your life - your vibe will send out signals to other boss babes who feel the same way you do and have the same values as you

When you are happy, grateful and filled with a calmness that is unshakeable - your vibe will send out a call to bring in other women and people who are happy, grateful and calm to join your tribe.

Your vibe is like a radio station. You can tune into a radio frequency that plays all the good stuff, or you can tune into a radio frequency that plays all the heavy, negative and bad stuff.

But if you’re in a good mood and you tune into a radio station that only plays the bad songs - are you going to keep listening or are you going to tune into a radio station that matches your vibe?

Right? You will never surround yourself with low vibe people, let alone songs, when you’re in a high vibe mood.

Have you ever been in a really bad mood and only had good things and super happy people come into your life that day?

Mmmmm, probably not.

Have you ever watched a reality T.V. show and there’s always this one person that EVERYONE hates? Because they are mean, rude, egotistical or just plain ridiculous…

It’s safe to say you’re not their tribe.

BUT, have you ever watched a reality show and there’s always ONE person who you LOVE! That’s because their vibe matches yours and you feel drawn to them, connected.

The same goes for for your vibe attracts your tribe. Both in business and life.

And when it comes to business, you want to be attracting high vibe clients who are super grateful for your time and happy to pay for your services!

So, the next time you feel like the clients or people you have in your life and business are bringing you down or making you feel low - it might be time to look at your own vibe.

I can guarantee you that when you shift into a high vibe state, all low vibe people will naturally leave your tribe because low vibes don’t want to be around high vibes. 

Just like high vibes don’t want to be around low vibes.

Decide what vibe you want to be and then focus on doing the things that make you feel a certain vibe.

Hint - high vibe people make way better clients. Just saying.


And yes, my vibe attracted you to my tribe and I am so grateful you are here!! 

Love you, Marie-Pierre xo.

Ps... Here's a brief video from Brian Tracy a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author. He is the author of over seventy books that have been translated into dozens of languages. His popular books are Earn What You're Really Worth, Eat That Frog!, and The Psychology of Achievement

 (I refer to his video and books all the time)


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