Truth is I was scared

Truth is I was scared

The thought of using premade fans made me uncomfortable, almost scared. 😱

I didn’t want people to tell me I was cheating or was a lesser lash artist because of it. 🙈

All I wanted was to do pretty volume lashes without killing myself or spending years practicing and be proud of it!🙌🏼 After many months of research, I came across MYSTIQ Quantum lashes.

These high quality premade volume fans have changed my life!!! ✨ I am now able to work smarter not harder, make great income and have raving clients. 🤩 Are you ready to start doing volume lashes today? Are you ready to take your lash skills to the next level? 👊🏼



  • Posted by Shalonda Waddell on

    Hi, was interested On how to apply my Logo on bottles of lash cleaner, lash wands as well. Can you help?

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