Understanding Lash Diameter

Understanding Lash Diameter

One of the most important aspect when applying volume fans is to figure out the safe weight and lash diameter to use on the client and what the equivalence would be in classic lash application.

Because of their extreme lightness, it is difficult to measure eyelash Weight. And consequently, lashes are best measured according to diameter (or width) and length.

Weight and diameter are two different things.  

For instance, 2 x .10 lashes are often mistaken to weigh the same as 1 x .20 lash. This is a common misconception. Here’s a better illustration: For example, these eyelash extensions are made by the same company and with the same materials.

Eyelash diameter diagram

Source: https://www.mymystiq.com.au/

The diagram shows a cross-section of individual eyelash extensions. The biggest circle is a lash that has a diameter of .20mm, while the two smaller ones are lashes that measure .10mm in diameter. All lashes here have the same length. But notice that there’s a bit of negative space in the diagram, and it is obvious that 2 x .10mm lashes would weigh less than 1 x .20mm lash.

For classic eyelash extensions, the safest and recommended lash diameters would be 0.10, 0.12 and 0.15mm.

Volume lashes can be created with lash diameters of 0.07 and 0.05mm. For mega-volume lashes, the recommended is 0.03mm.

How many volume lashes can we use to make fuller fans? And what’s their equivalent width in classic lash extensions? We’ve put together this helpful diameter guide.

Eyelash diameter diagram
When choosing eyelash extensions, always take into consideration the length and strength of your client’s natural lashes. We make sure that our lash extensions are safe and would not, in any way, harm the natural lash.

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