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We're not JUST Lash Artists

We're not JUST Lash Artists - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Being a lash artist is not JUST putting lashes on people.

I feel like we can get so caught up in the lash application and perfecting our art that we often forget to step back and really appreciate what we are doing as lash artists.

Yes, we spend hours working on creating an eyelash masterpiece.

Yes, we artificially enhance the look and shape of a woman’s eye with the lash mapping we do and the lash extensions that we use.

And yes, it is a business and trade, a service that can be seen as focusing on one’s looks…

But has anyone stopped to actually look at how having your lashes done can dramatically increase a person’s emotional state of being?

Sure, it is a cosmetic treatment of sorts but putting lashes on people is not just about making women feel more confident about their looks!

It’s not even just about helping women to save time in the morning because they can spend less time putting makeup on.

It goes deeper than that! When a client comes in for a lash infill or for a fresh set of lashes, they are going to need to be on your table for at least an hour or 2!

In that hour or two, this woman in front of you who has most likely been running around trying to do and be everything to everyone is finally taking some time out for herself.

She may just want to lay there quietly and regroup her thoughts while you're putting on her lashes, or she may want to talk your ear off because she’s been talking with small children all day and she’s craving a little adult conversation.

It doesn’t matter how she uses this time, what matters is that she has taken a huge step in allowing herself to take time out for herself! And she is choosing to spend that precious time with you.

And when you greet her with your smiling face and then put your heart and soul into making her lashes look perfect, she gets to walk away from her appointment knowing that someone valued her enough to spend hours making her look and feel better.

She’s going to walk away knowing that she spent the last few hours with someone who made her feel heard. Or someone who appreciates her need for silence and just allowed the atmosphere to be relaxed and quiet.

When she has her lashes done she is allowing herself to be pampered and giving herself permission to take time out for herself so that she can be the best version of herself for everyone else - AND she gets to look good too!

We are not just in the business of putting lashes on people.

We are in the business of protecting someone's precious energy. We are in the business of showing someone that they are worth the hours of intricate work. We are in the business of helping a woman to take care of her mental and emotional wellbeing while she takes time out for herself!

Lashing is serious business and we need to remember that the next time a client walks through our door.

We are not just a lash artist but a safe space where women come to rejuvenate and reenergize so that they can take on the world! You could almost say we’re like the superhero of feminine beauty - women spend a few hours with us and walk away looking and feeling like a million bucks!


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