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Why clients should use professional lash cleanser and NOT baby shampoo

Why clients should use professional lash cleanser and NOT baby shampoo - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

When in a service-based industry, one of our strengths as a service provider is to inform and educate our clients.

When it comes to lash extensions, the number one thing our clients need to know, is how to clean their lashes for longer lasting lash retention and so that the hair structure, follicle and surrounding skin is protected and kept healthy at all times.

Often, if a client isn’t properly educated in how to clean their lashes once they’ve had lash extensions put on, their thought process is usually to avoid touching them and putting anything on them that may cause their lashes to fall out.

What our lovely clients don’t realize is that by not cleaning our lashes properly, make up, dirt and grime build up in the lashes and it actually causes the lash extensions to fall out sooner. It also means that when they go to get their lash refills  it makes it more difficult for the new extensions to adhere to the natural lashes.

To make matters worse, if our clients are not cleaning their lashes properly they are making themselves more susceptible to allergic reactions and eye disorders such as pink eye, blepharitis and even demodex. Eww.

Now in recent years, baby shampoo has been the go to cleanser for many of our lash clients mostly because of lash stylist advising them to do so .

While on the surface, it has many great qualities of a good lash cleanser. It’s a gentle formula that does not burn the eyes, it works to clean off excess dirt and grime and it’s inexpensive.

However, since more research has been done in this area, what has come to light is that while baby shampoo is gentle, it’s not designed to go in, on or near the eyes. Because baby shampoo was not specifically designed to clean the eye area, extensive use will harm our fragile skin around the eye and strip it of its natural oils needed for healthy skin, hair and follicles.

As you may know, when we strip our skin of excess oil, this causes our skin to freak out and produce even more oil to balance out the natural oil we keep taking away from our skin.

When your clients use baby shampoo to clean their lashes, the same is true for the skin around their eyes and more importantly along their lash line. If your clients lash line is constantly over producing natural oils they are more inclined to suffer from blepharitis, clogged follicles and over gumming up of the extensions. And let’s be honest, putting lash extensions on, in these conditions, is never fun!

It’s also good to note that baby shampoo can contain such things as fragrance, artificial colours and mineral oils that overtime, and with extended use, will break down the integrity of the adhesive, causing lashes to have shorter retention.

In short, using baby shampoo as a lash cleanser is not recommended. AT ALL.

What we do highly recommend using are professional lash cleansers.

Since most clients won’t know the importance of using a professional lash cleanser if you don’t educate them first.

Professional lash cleansers are specifically designed to be used frequently around the delicate eye area without causing any eye irritations. They have the necessary ingredients to cleanse without breaking down the bond as well as ingredients that work to keep their lash line healthy.

Overtime and with repeated usage, clients will find that by using professional lash cleansers, they will get the longest retention possible for their lashes and find they are less susceptible to eye infections and irritations. This means that they get to look and feel their best at all times without ever having to worry about the dangerous and unsightly side affects of using baby shampoo.

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