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Why do lashes pop off?

Why do lashes pop off? - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

Have you ever had that dreaded phone call 2 days after your client’s had her lashes done to say most of her lashes have popped off?

Sometimes you get lucky and she’s really nice about it but other times they are furious and you’re left feeling like you’re the worst person in the world!

Well, let me assure you that we’ve all been there before and there is a reason your client’s lashes are popping off.

When your client’s lashes pop off after a few days, it usually means the adhesive cured too fast in relation to placing the extension on the natural lash.

The rule of thumb to remember is: the higher the humidity, the quicker the adhesive will cure.

Some really important things to consider about humidity when doing lashes are that Cyanoacrylate based glues cure because of water vapor % in the air (i.e. relative humidity or rH). So, ANY cyanoacrylate-based glue will cure anyway under ANY level of humidity.

And, as mentioned before, the more humidity there is, the faster the glue cures so make sure you’re checking humidity and temperature before and during your application!

Another reason your client’s lashes might be popping off is because maybe the adhesive is too old.

How long are you keeping your opened adhesive, and how are storing it? Opened bottles of adhesive should not be kept for longer than four weeks in a cool low humidity environment.

You also need to consider how often you’re changing your adhesive drop... The drop should be changed every twenty minutes to ensure the freshest adhesive possible.

So you see, there are a lot of reasons why your client’s lashes may be popping of and now you have some solutions to consider when you invite your client back in for lash repairs.

Moving forward it’s always worthwhile checking these things out to prevent future client’s from this experience.

And if you really want to understand all aspects of adhesives and how to get the best out of all of them - watch the live training I did with Julia from Lash Tribe in our LASH CIRCLE Facebook group.

Click the link HERE and if you’re not a member of the group yet request to join first and I’ll be sure to accept you as soon as possible!

Happy Lashing Queens!

You got this!

Love, MariePierre xo


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