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Why you shouldn't discount your lash services

Why you shouldn't discount your lash services - ARCHITECTS & FAIRIES

There, I said it.You shouldn’t discount your lash services!

Even if you are new to the game, or maybe you’ve changed locations and you want to grow your clients back up.

Discounting your lashing services is devaluing your work and teaching your clients to want more for less.

Truth is, you work really hard to create the most amazing lashes for your clients! It literally takes hours to do a full set of lashes. And that's not taking into consideration the HOURS you spend practicing.

The message you send potential clients when you have a sale or want to offer a discount on your lashing services is that you are desperate for money OR you are desperate for new clients.

And that kind of desperation never attracts the right kind of clients.

Now, if you DID want to boost sales or bring in new clients, you can still have a sale or promotion. But rather than discount your lashing services, why not add an additional service for FREE. 

So for example, for the duration of the promotion, everytime you book in to have your lash done or refilled - you get a FREE head and hand massage! Or you get a FREE eyebrow wax.

Depending on the extra services you provide, you can create a promotion to add on a service for free. And make sure the free service is not too time consuming or that it doesn’t cost you too much money.

But if you look at the psychology behind a discounted service vs a FULL PRICE service with a FREE added bonus - the clients who are paying full price and getting a free bonus are feeling like they are about to get the BEST lashes ever PLUS whatever freebie bonus you have to offer.

But, the discounted service reads desperate and that they may not get the best lashes, but at least they’ll save money. More often than not, clients will come to you for the discounted lashes with the intention of going to a ‘professional’ for refills.

Because discounted services feel like they are not going to get the best.

Does this make sense?

The other thing you can do if you want to create a promotion for new or more clients; run a special discount on PRODUCTS that your clients buy the next time they book in for their lash appointment.

Products are easier to discount because you can work off your profit margins. AND, when you discount a product rather that your services, the client feels like they really won on saving money. Because they ‘get more for less.’

Remember, you worked hard to be the best damn lash queen you can be - you deserve to be paid full price for this service!

If you do however, want to show your long term clients how much you appreciate them, the next time you raise your prices (because you are probably due for a price rise right?) let them know that even though new clients will pay the higher price, you will keep their prices the same. Let them know that it’s your way of thanking them for their loyalty.

THAT will make them feel like a million bucks! It’ll also make you feel good too because it’s nice to do things like this for your long term clients.

So, the next time you go to discount your services or have a ‘sale’ on your services, come back to this blog. 

You are worth every dollar you charge!

Lots of Love, MariePierre xo.


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