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  • Are you asking for reviews and testimonials?

    Ok ladies, here is something that just does not happen enough! But let me start by asking you some questions… When you want to buy a product or service for the first time - what do you do before you buy it? I’m going to take a lucky guess and say that you read some reviews, read some testimonials... View Post
  • My results after using WHIPLASH Growth Serum

    Ladies look at my eyelashes!!!!  Holy molly right!?! I have been using our new WHIPLASH growth serum for 12 days and I am in awe of the result. A little bit of background story here. I AM LASH OBSESSED like no one else I swear!! I had been an avid Latisse user basically since the day it came o... View Post
  • How to live above the line

    Probably one of my all time favorite video that I refer to often especially when feeling off, frustrated, unhappy.  It's a super short video but really nails down why sometime you may feel great and why some time you may not be really happy nor nice to be around... and how to identify it and chan... View Post