Our BARE EDITION Collection was created for the lash artist looking to retail aftercare items using their own branding while enjoying wholesale pricing. 

With ABSOLUTELY no branding (other than yours), no unrealistic minimum requirements, and the benefits of wholesale pricing, making it sooooo easy for you to start your own retail. And make it unforgettably YOU!

Do you have a question about private labelling? Please visit our FAQS

And if you're wondering where to find affordable custom stickers, here's a couple of websites that some of our clients are currently using with great success.

Vista print

Make stickers

  1. Wholesale Eyelash Extension Lash Wands
  1. Silicon Mascara Wand Wholesale
  1. Lash Obsessed Scoop Neck T‑shirt
  1. FREE LASHBATH Rose Hibiscus™ Try Me First

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