INSTANT FAN™ - Pre-made Russian Volume Fans

LASH TRIBE Instant Fans™ are heat bonded and no bonding glue is adding any extra weight to the fan.

This is a new generation of Instant Fans™ , extremely soft, jet black and easily removable from the sticky tape. 

The Bases of the fans are not too short and not too long, to ensure a perfect application to the natural lash.

Although we are advocates of learning Pro-Russian Volume lashes , our Instant Fans™ fans have many advantages! 

You can save time and also practice your transitioning from classic to Volume.

Mix in a few Volume Fans to make a classic set fuller, fill in gaps and speed up the whole process.

Cut down application time by as much as  50%.


    1. 6D 0.05 LASH TRIBE Premade Volume Fans
    1. Lash Tribe 5D Premade Volume Fans

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