GOLD CLASS Adhesive – Oil Resistant

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An oil-resistant adhesive that will withstand any household and cosmetic oils, for longer lasting, gorgeous and fluffy lashes.

It also lasts for 8 weeks once opened.

GOLD CLASS is the first of its kind in our range., MADE IN GERMANY with high quality ingredients. 

It’s extremely speedy, versatile, low in fumes and has a strong 6 weeks hold. 


Setting time: 0.2-0.5 Seconds ( It’s fast alright. Adjust your humidity, temp and amount you use accordingly)

Ideal Humidity: 30-65% ( the higher, the faster you will need to work)

Ideal Temperature: 64-83 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Will Last on average 2x as long as any other adhesive on the market, if stored correctly:

2 months use by date after opening

6 months unopened

Best Storage : 62 degrees Fahrenheit and we store them in a wine fridge. We don’t recommend that you freeze it.

Danger: Avoid direct skin contact. Will adhere to skin within seconds. Store in a dark, cool place.
Ingredients: Ethyl-2 Cyanoacrylate, Polyurethane
5 ml
How to use it:
Shake vigorously for 1 minute.
Dispense a drop of glue onto a foil sticker or use a crystal/ glass tile and let it sit for around 5 minutes before working with it.
It’s like letting a good wine breathe before drinking it . (don’t rink the adhesive! lol)
Wipe the nozzle with an adhesive safe wipe.
Prep the clients lashes in that time.
Our Gold Class is oil-resistant to common household and cosmetic products.
It is very thin in viscosity and only has slight fumes.
It has a strong 6 weeks hold.
Can be used for both Classic and Volume Lashing.
Best to be used in conjunction with our “PREP ME and SET ME” products for an even better retention.
** Please be advised, this adhesive is for advanced lash artists only. Gold Class is non returnable/refundable.**

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