ELITE Precision Volume Tweezers

  • $64.99

ELITE, is Lash Tribe Top of the Line precision Volume Tweezer.

Made from Japanese steel, these gold Volume Tweezers are dipped into black, non-slip, super grip resin.

Weighing in at 15 grams and a measure of 12.1 cm, the Elite has the perfect shape and lies super nice in any shape of hand.

The Elite are recommended for anyone, from beginners as well as advanced Volume Lash Artists.

They pick up Mega Volume Fans with ease and fit nicely into the inner corners of the eyes due to their slim line blades.

Angled at 65 Degrees, the Elite have the perfect shape for lash pickup, long lashing days and will not fatigue the hands. 

Each high end Tweezer is HAND-TESTED to pick up Volume Fans with ease.

Every Elite comes in a beautiful decorative box.

Please note due to the powder coating, the powder coating may peel off after sterilization and due to hospital grade disinfectants and the harshness of the chemicals.

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