Lash Fairy REWARDS Program

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Become a Lash Fairy today and reap the benefits of being a member of our loyalty rewards program!

A rewards program fit for a Queen, well, Fairy…
Introducing your new Lash Fairy Kingdom!
A kingdom that rewards its loyal members and a kingdom that wants to see you succeed in your own business endeavors! A place to spread your fairy wings and build a successful Lash business that you love and are proud of!

Welcome to your Lash Fairy Loyalty REWARDS PROGRAM.

It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for being a loyal Lash Fairy and rewarding you; our lash architects and fairies, with an opportunity to save while you spend AND be lavished with bonuses exclusive ONLY to our Lash Masters!

It’s a rewards program unlike no other and it’s magical AF.
It’s a two-tiered rewards program that will keep your bank account happy and your business profits sky rocketing!
Tier ONE: Lash Pro
Tier TWO: VIP Lash Pro
Which one are you?

Anyone who creates an account with can automatically enjoy the benefits of being a Lash Pro in our membership program. (For how to earn Lash Pro rewards and understand the different levels of discounts - see below.)


The Lash Pro rewards program is based on points.
There are TWO ways you can accumulate points.
One is by completing certain tasks or requests such as creating an account with us, liking us on social media or celebrating your annual Lash Fairy Birthday!! It’s super easy to do, just follow the prompts by clicking the ‘Track your Lash Fairy REWARDS here!’ button on the bottom of your screen (you can’t miss it)!
Once you’ve clicked the button, scroll down to where it says ‘Earn more Lash Fairy Loyalty Points’ and click that button to be shown all the easy ways to earn some seriously easy points!! You could reach that first level discount in no time ;).
The second way to accumulate points is by purchasing some of our much loved products online!! $1 spend is equal to 1 point. This is available for ALL our products and ranges online, even our newest addition - Bare Edition! The more you spend, the more points you collect. The more points you collect, the better your reward!
Because we value your loyalty we have created not 1, not 2, not even 3 levels of rewards - we’ve created 4!!!

What does this mean for you? It means that it JUST got easier for you to reach higher reward levels because the levels are closer together!!! No more needing to spend $1000 just to be entitled to 5% off, you can now start enjoying rewards with as little as 250 points!! What?! Yep, we know - it’s exciting AF! 

The 4 levels broken down: 

LEVEL 1: Earn 250 points and receive a 5% discount code to apply to your ENTIRE order at checkout! (The 5% can only be applied if you spend a minimum of $150 in ONE transaction.) 

LEVEL 2: Earn 500 points and receive a 10% discount code to apply to your ENTIRE order at checkout! (The 10% can only be applied if you spend a minimum of $200 in ONE transaction.)

LEVEL 3: Earn 750 points and receive a 15% discount code to apply to your ENTIRE order at checkout! (The 15% can only be applied if you spend a minimum of $350 in ONE transaction.)

LEVEL 4: Earn 1000 + points and receive a 20% discount code to apply to your ENTIRE order at checkout! (The 20% can only be applied if you spend a minimum of $550 in ONE transaction.)  

And to add more excitement to your rewards - ALL SHIPPING IS FREE!
How do I claim and redeem my Lash Pro reward?
Always refer to the ‘Track your Lash Fairy REWARDS here!’ button to track your points and also be notified if you have unlocked a reward!! It will allow you to copy the unique code provided to apply it at checkout and redeem your discount (make sure the minimum spend for your level has been achieved first)!
You will also be notified via email with any new points you have earned or if you have reached a certain rewards level.

If you want to join the ranks of VIP Lash Pro and enjoy exclusive bonuses, offers and rewards within the Lash Kingdom, then all you have to do is register your name and email address to the VIP Lash Pro emailing List below. (Only those who willingly register their emails will have access to our EXCLUSIVE VIP Lash Pro offers - all delivered via email.)
This is the easiest way for you to enjoy Lash Fairy rewards WITHOUT having to spend any money first - yep, we want you to feel like the Lash Fairy Queen that you are! SO, what are you waiting for?! Sign up below - it’s FREE to join!
You’ll never know when these bonuses will arrive in your inbox but we can promise you, you’ll be thanking the Lash Fairy Gods for their generosity. 
Bonuses you can expect in anticipation:
  • Celebrate OUR birthday with us and receive an annual birthday gift
  • A yearly Lash Fairy anniversary gift
  • VIP flash sale privileges
  • Exclusive Lash Fairy offers
  • Priority listing for all new products being launched
  • PLUS so much more!
How do I claim and redeem my VIP Lash Pro rewards?
Simply check all emails from Architects and Fairies labeled VIP LASH PRO BONUS REWARD INSIDE to view your bonus reward and then use the special code provided at checkout or follow the steps given to claim your reward!
First things first, create an account with Architects and Fairies!
If you already have an account then your Lash Pro rewards are already activated! WOOHOO! Make sure you click on the ‘Track your Lash Fairy Rewards Here!’ button to start earning points!
 Next step - become a VIP Lash PRO! Register your details here:

Lastly, head to our online shop here and start earning points to claim your reward!

And YES, you can unsubscribe from the VIP Lash Pro Mailing List at any time.