Lash Tribe 10D 0.03 Premium Instant Fan

  • $42.99

PREORDER ONLY. Once your order is placed please allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery.


The most luxurious Pre-made fans on the market to date. Meet Lash Tribe new 10D 0.03 Instant Fans.

  • 440 fans per tray of our 0.03 10D Fans 😍
  • High end quality for high end lash artists Super Skinny bases that attach beautifully to the natural lash
  • Amazing retention.
  • Soft, premium Korean PBT fibre 100%
  • Hand made, heat bonded fan
  • No extra weight from glue extremely light weight
  • Wide fluffy fans to cover the sparsest of lashes with foil backing for easy removal from lash tiles.
  • No residue
  • Mixed trays include 7mm-14mn Full lengths trays available in 7-14mm
  • Eco friendly cardboard packaging 

Create stunning full set of lashes with 10D 0.03 in half the time of a Russian Volume Set, with perfectly even spaced, fluffy fans. 

Your clients will not want to  go back to your old pre-made. These are premium quality fans and you can charge premium prices for a set of lashes you are doing with our fans. 

With 440 fans per tray, you are able to create 3-4 FULL Set of lashes with the 1 tray.

How to pick up our lashes:
With a pair of Volume Tweezers, pick up right at the lowest part of the base and gently lift upwards. 
Now replace the fan on the tape, right at the very top and grab the fan in the middle, dip and place. 

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