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Our DIGITAL MICROBLADING CONSENT FORMS were created for the professional Brow artist looking to protect their business, get rid of endless paperwork, stay organized and efficient and keep all their clients information readily available on their phone, tablet or laptop. Can also be printed.

Say goodbye to tedious paper forms, and say hello to a new time-saving, digital experience!

What's included: 

12 templates design to choose from. Each template has 12 customizable PDF. We will customized it ALL FOR YOU!


1- Consultation/Health History form (2 pages):

Client personal information and emergency contact.

Questions pertaining to allergies and conditions related to their health.

3- Pre-procedure steps/topical anesthetic advice:

Directions letting your clients know what they should do and not do prior to their appointment. This form also include information about Topical Anesthetic.

4-Aftercare instructions and what to expect post procedure:

This card will help the client properly care for their lashes and understand what to expect after their treatment. Can be texted to them directly so they keep it handy on their phone.

Your business location, phone, email and social media can be included at the bottom of the form.

5- Disclosure form (3 pages)

PROTECT Y0UR BUSINESS by having your clients sign release/waiver stating what results to expect; Touch up appointment... etc

8-Possible risks or complications: 

Inform your clients of procedure risks

9-Photo release and tagging

This allows for formal photo release so you may repost your work on social media

10-Design Tracking form (2 pages)

Keeping track of your client each individual style and details is important especially when things get busy. It's also equally important to keep records for styling consistency and to troubleshoot any issues

12- Salon policies

Inform your clients of your policies regarding late arrivals, no-shows, other artists work and refund.  We can also include what's considered a fill. Please provide your own verbiage as every artist is different.



  • Business name
  • Business Logo (white or transparent background is best .png .jpg) 
  • Deposit and/or cancellation requirements
  • Contact information (phone, email, web address)
  • Optional Icons (facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, etc.)
  • Optional Price List (Classic, Volume, Full set, Fills, Removal, etc.)
  • Edits on wording and amounts (within limits of each form)


Upon purchase you will receive all the "standard" forms via email for instant download. Here's how it works.

Please email us back with your customization request.

Once your specific details are received, you will get your one-time customized PDF files via email within 2 to 3business days. 

We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. Please contact any if you have any issues with your order.

Please note you have 60 days from the day you purchased the forms to add your customization.

Items purchased are for your personal use only.
Printing and selling our designs, on any kind of paper, without our consent, is not permitted.
Please do not duplicate files or share these designs and/or use images without permission.

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